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A special hazards fire suppression system uses advanced detection technology, specialized sensors to detect smoke particles quickly and accurately.  Once the smoke is detected, the system pinpoints the exact location of the fire.  It then release a gaseous or chemical suppression agent within several seconds to extinguish the flames. These agents put out fires by absorbing heat or displacing oxygen.  A comprehensive fire protection solution can be customized for the protected environment by tailored add-ons to integrate with other life safety systems.

Different types of suppression systems:


Pro-Inert fire suppression system uses inert gases like nitrogen and argon to reduce oxygen levels and extinguisher fires.  When discharged, these gases distribute evenly and rapidly throughout the protected area, lowering oxygen below combustion levels in under 60 seconds.  As the systems flow at a steady rate without turbulence, the inert gases pose no threat to people or assests.  Since nitrogen and argon already exist in the air, Pro-Inert systems have zero environmental impact.


  • Data Centers
  • Computer rooms
  • Hospitals & Medical facilities
  • Museums & Cultural Heritage Buildings
  • Libraries & Archives

Advantages of Pro-Inert:

Pro-Inert fire suppression systems provide multiple advantages over traditional firefighting methods. First, they pose far less risk than water or other extinguishing agents since inert gas does not spread flames or cause additional structural damage. Furthermore, inert gas systems prove more cost-effective, requiring less installation and maintenance even in challenging humid conditions. Consequently, these systems are being used more frequently in commercial and industrial buildings. Finally, inert gas suppresses fires without toxic or corrosive chemicals, conserving water and minimizing environmental impact.

Novec 1230

Novec 1230 is an ideal clean agent for protecting sensitive equipment in electronic facilities or areas where emergency shutdowns are not possible, such as data centers and cell sites.  This colorless, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly agent is compatible with human occupancy.

Novec 1230 operates through the utilization of a flouroketone agent to rapidly cool down and suffocate the fire, ensuring swift and effective suppression.  This agent is stored in a cylinder in a liquid form and released as a gas.


  • Server rooms
  • Telecommunication
  • Data storage


Inergen fire suppression systems are engineered to provide a fast and efficient response to fires in areas where people and/or sensitive equipment are present by flooding the area and reducing the oxygen levels, Inergen effectively prevents combustion from occurring.  The Inergen system utilizes a combination of naturally occurring gases such as argon, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide to extinguish fires where water is not a viable option.


  • Subfloors
  • Computer rooms
  • Telecommunication

Foam Suppression Systems

Foam suppression systems use a foaming agent to establish a blanket-like coverage effectively suffocating flames and averting any potential reignition.  These systems are suitable for expansive spaces house flammable or combustible liquids, such as aircraft hangers, warehouses, and refineries.